Monday, May 16, 2011

Here's How It Works

Sprint Writers Central welcomes ALL writers! You are welcome to use this site to communicate with your writing buddies any time, night or day, whether I'm here to moderate or not.

Just a few small things to know:

1) Log in at the bottom of the chat box where it says either chatroll or facebook. You can set up a chatroll account for free at

2) The Sprinting Box is where we go to, uh, sprint. This is where the work happens!

3) The Brainstorming Box is for general chatter, coming up with ideas, or getting feedback on bits of your story.

4) Please treat each other with respect. Have fun, but remember, we are all here to write, so please give each other the chance to do so and be successful.

6) If you wish to turn off the sound so you don't have to hear when others post during your writing time, there is a speaker in the lower right hand corner of the chat box. Click on it to make the wave of sound disappear and it basically mutes the sound.

8) When you are finished and want to leave the chat session, go once again to the bottom right corner of the chat box. There is a door with an arrow. Click on it, then click okay, and it will sign you out.

That's it! Have fun and join us as often as you want! Thank you SO MUCH for helping to make this a safe place to write! I can't wait to sprint with you next!

Karen E. Hoover